Acoustic hood

Sophisticated, classic and with outstanding functionality: the fully automatic acoustic hood not only offers exceptional sound and heat insulation, but is also outstandingly easy to use.

With its electric locking and release function, the fully automatic acoustic hood offers excellent ease of use for your Audi Cabriolet: the hood opens fully automatically in a brief matter of seconds and the soft top takes just a few seconds longer to close again. The fully automatic acoustic hood can also be controlled using the key in the door lock.

The three-layered design of the acoustic hood gives it outstanding noise and heat insulation properties – together with the heated mineral glass rear window, it makes your Audi Cabriolet a vehicle for all weather conditions and all seasons. When the hood is opened, it takes up very little room thanks to its intelligent Z-fold design: putting the top down has no effect on the luggage compartment volume.

The fabric hood is available in various colours, as is the fully trimmed interior headlining. It fully conceals the hood’s steel linkages.